Welcome to Call2Recycle’s e-bike battery recycling program, offered in partnership with Specialized.


Enroll: Click here to register your retail location(s) as battery collection sites with Call2Recycle.   Once the required information is submitted, you will be prompted to take a required online training on the safe handling and packaging of e-bike batteries.  

Learn: Train yourself and team members on the safe collection, handling, and shipping of e-bike batteries in accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation safe handling regulations.  Upon completion, you will receive a welcome document by email, and the first battery recycling kit will be shipped to your store. 

Start Collecting: Once enrolled and trained, your store will receive a Call2Recycle battery recycling kit with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label, instructions, and a service department safe handling and packing instruction poster. 


Click here to order additional battery recycling kits.

If you need kits to ship large quantities (30+ e-bike batteries at a single time), please call us at 1.877.723.1297.


Damaged/defective batteries will be packed by the retailer, reviewed by Call2Recycle, and shipped on Call2Recycle’s Bill of Lading (BOL). Retailers that are not hazmat certified are not able to sign their own bill of lading per the US Department of Transportation (USDOT).

  • To order a damaged/defective kit for batteries 20″ or less, click here.  If you need a kit for a battery greater than 20″, please call us at 1.877.723.1297. 
  • To schedule a shipment for a damaged/defective battery and have a BOL generated by Call2Recycle, click here.


Program Overview

Welcome Kit

For questions relating to account set-up, training, ordering supplies, or general program management, contact Call2Recycle’s dedicated Customer Success Team at 1.877.723.1297 or email at ebikesupport@call2recycle.org.