Organizations everywhere are stepping up to the charge of responsibly managing the disposal of household primary and rechargeable batteries. With limited options to recycle materials, organizations in the United States are in need of a reliable, compliant and easy-to-manage solution. As the leading battery stewardship program in the nation, Call2Recycle is here to help. Whether large or small, private or public,Call2Recycle’s GreenVantage suite of programs is the most comprehensive and flexible program for responsible organizations that want to do the right thing.

  • One-stop-shop for all household battery recycling needs
  • Partnership with a well-established  industry-funded stewardship program for rechargeable and single-use batteries
  • Competitive packaged rates that include sorting, shipping and processing
  • Safety and compliance assurance
  • Consumer educational support
  • Flexible shipping options customized to your unique needs
  • Rebate incentives for municipal bulk shippers