Call2Recycle’s 2017 Pricing (Rechargeable Batteries)

2017 Base Price Per 100 grams

Jurisdiction Currency





> 5% Cobalt and/or Nickel Cell Content

< 5% Cobalt and/or Nickel Cell Content

USA USD $0.0075 $0.025 $0.0075 $0.015 $0.0027
Canada (Except Quebec) $0.011 $0.036 $0.011 $0.022 $0.0038

“Obligated Enterprises” only – QC Rate Schedule



Rechargeable battery pricing structure:

  1. Each battery chemistry has its own specific fee.
  2. Their is no annual cap to fees
  3. Ni-Cd fees are calculated in the same manner as other rechargeable batteries.
  4. Li-Ion batteries are split into two categories based on the cobalt and/or nickel content of the battery cell.
  5. Base fees are calculated according to jurisdiction: U.S., Canada (non-Quebec) and Quebec (only “Obligated Enterprises”).
  6. U.S.-based stewards can take advantage of a recycling credit, which is based on the amount of batteries a steward recycles through the Call2Recycle program.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Credit

The recycling credit is offered as a benefit to Call2Recycle’s stewards to help offset costs associated with managing battery take-back. The credit program is tiered to reward the stewards for their commitment to help keep batteries out of landfills.

Credit Status Pounds Recycled / Quarter (US only) % of Credit
Bronze 5,000 – 24,999 lbs 5%
Silver 25,000 – 49,999 lbs 10%
Gold 50,000 – 74,999 lbs 15%
Platinum 75,000+ lbs 25%

Terms and conditions apply – please contact us for more information.

Call2Recycle’s 2017 Pricing (Primary Batteries)

2017 Base Price Per 1 Gram

Jurisdiction Currency

Alkaline, Carbon Zinc & other Non-Lithium Batteries


Vermont USD



Canada (Except QC, BC &MB)* CAD




Environmental Handling Fee – Provincial Rate Schedule

January 2017 fee structures are the same as 2016.  New fee structures effective February 1, 2017.