Can we ship single-use/non-rechargeable batteries to you?

Single-use batteries are accepted at no cost to the collection partners in the State of Vermont.

Call2Recycle announced its new all-battery program throughout the US in 2017.  You can sow sign up for pirmary and rechargeable battery recycling service in the US.

Check out two exciting new features:

  • An online tool that will help you determine which battery recycling solution best meets your needs based on location, type and volume
  • A new “store” that allows convenient purchasing of collection kits as well ...
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How do we ship a Call2Recycle box that is full?

Call2Recycle provides collection sites with ready-to-ship collection boxes. The box comes with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return shipping label already attached!

In the US, if you leave the box available where UPS or FedEx drops-off, they will pick it up the next time they visit your location. With UPS, there is no need to schedule a pickup as charges may apply. If you do not have regularly scheduled visits from UPS, please contact our Customer Service Team (877.723.1297).

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