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Call2Recycle 2015 Annual Report


Call2Recycle 2015 Annual Report

Delivering Responsiveness

For 2015, Call2Recycle, the premier non-for-profit battery stewardship organization, has reported our 19th straight increase in collection volume for a record 12.6 million lbs. (5.7 million kg), a 5% increase over 2014 in the US and 5.5 million (2.5 million kg) in Canada. Heightened consumer awareness and the strong participation of retailers and municipalities in key states and provinces were keys to this growth.

We reported progress in key metrics that measure the program’s accessibility: Currently, 87% of people in North America live within a 10 mile (15 km) radius of an available drop-off site, with an even higher percentage—91% for Canada. This metric tells how convenient it is for consumers to recycle. “The steady progress in this metric tells us that more consumers are aware of and participating in our program. To have a significant impact on what is diverted, we have to fundamentally change consumer behavior at the local level. We have to provide more highly targeted solutions that motivate consumers to recycle their batteries through the close to 30,000 publicly accessible sites in North America.”  – Carl Smith, CEO & President, Call2Recycle, Inc.

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Call2Recycle 2015 Annual Report

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